Fruits of the Gospel

Allow me to relate a good experience this week:
We were looking for a “callback” (someone who we talked with and set up an appointment to meet again), but we couldn’t find this callback.  We believe it was a bad address he might have given us.  So we began to contact houses nearby, and a nice young lady came out of the house, and easily allowed us in to teach her.  We were sitting in her open air front patio, and a friend of her’s, Mario, comes by. He saw us talking to her and felt the need to come and listen as well. We teach the about the restoration of the gospel, the lesson goes well.  At first he didn’t want to commit to baptism but he accepted with the faith that he would receive an answer from God that all was true.  He also hesitated to say the closing prayer, but also prayed with us in the end.  And gave us his address to meet with him again. Elder Black and I felt like he was golden. We went to meet with him Saturday night, but the street was filled with Paraguayans, loud music, volleyball (they play using all body parts except hands, fun to watch), and asados (barbecues); needless to say, we couldn’t find Mario in all the busyness.  We decided to go back the woman’s house where we found him in the first visit, right as we get there, Mario pulls in with a friend on a motorcycle.  He is happy to see us, leaves his friend and all the parties around and walks us to his humble abode.
Screenshot from my call home to the family on Mother’s Day:
Creeds Mission Call
We have a good second lesson.  He expressed afflictions he’s had in his life.  He’s 21 years old. Abandoned by parents but loved and cared for by an adoptive mother of six girls.  We teach about the Atonement of Christ and the purpose of this life.  We invite him to come to church the next morning, he hesitates, but on his own commits to coming.
Mario came to church and on time!  He saw an old friend there as well, and they had a good time catching up!  He enjoyed the classes. I will keep you updated on Mario!
The gospel is real, and in its fulness, which has been restored in these days, is the only way to live. Because it’s for this purpose that we came to earth to learn to live by the gospel, ALL of God’s teachings. There is only one gospel, and the only interpretation is God’s interpretation because he is the gospel-maker, creator, and law-giver. Due to the faith of man, God has extended his arm of love to us in these last days by restoring all his teachings in the gospel.  All of them are found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  And as an individual, a pair, a group, a society lives the gospel, we are made perfect and made free.  I see the blessed fruits of the gospel in the lives of my family members and the lives of other families as they each strive to live all the Gospel teachings.  One must not lose hope if a loved one chooses not to live gospel principles.  Be sure that you are first doing all you can to live them all, be an example, then be patient with the loved one, and love them much.
Love you all!  Onward and Upward!
Elder Orme IV


Cristina is still set for baptism this coming October 12th.  Ramón had an interview with the Bishop and has given the okay that he can baptize her!  It has been difficult for Ramón to quit his vices for the drink and the smoke, but together, Cristina and Ramón have been growing and seeing the blessings of following Christ!
We had an awesome Men´s Dinner activity, a photo is below.  We have such young studs in the ward.  It´s a great blessing because they add fun and energy to the ward.
Below is also a picture of the awesome Granny that feeds us.  The one that loves eating with us, “chicos lindos.”
We gave service to an in-active family this week, a picture of their boys on their make-shift cart below!  I hope their hearts will be softened by our service to return again.
One thing I know is that my nature has changed through my study and application of the gospel.  I detest all types of sin!  My spirit is filled with such joy in the message of repentance and faith.  The message of the Restoration of the Gospel is beautiful and soul-satisfying.  My only wish is that all would be humble to hear this message and not cast it out due to their unbelief!  But apply the words of Christ read in the holy scriptures and spoken by the words of holy prophets.  So much uncomprehended joy is found in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
I will remember to detail more exciting stories for the next week´s letter :)
Transfers are next week.  I don`t want to leave Baigorria!!! But let the Lord´s will be done!
Love you all!
Elder Orme IV
Capitán EO

Creo en Cristo

This is my very short main email.

We have a golden new investigator! Maria Garcia who is perhaps 30 years, humble, kind, tender, a little sensitive, with a son Maximo who is 8, I believe a husband who she is separated from because he´s bad.  The first lesson about the Restoration went great because we have a golden member who was there to help.  Maria and Maximo have come to church and we look forward to another lesson tonight

Franco….he´s getting baptized this Saturday!

The ugly dog you see we call Fea which means ugly because it´s an UGLY female dog that just roams around our feet while teaching.  She makes me happy.

Juani with Fea.


And pics with the other Elders in our ward.