Hola Hola,

We found a great little family! We´ve only had one lesson with them so far but they seem promising. The parents are married! Yes! It´s rare to find a married couple. Claudio and Lydiana Rodriguez with young girl Milagro.

We were contacting near our home. We walked up to a pleasant, blue home with 2 dogs in the dog-walk and a parrot yelping and climbing up the dog-walk gate. We clapped and a little, petit woman came out, Lydiana. We introduced ourselves and she was nice. A man walks up from behind who turns out and it´s her husband, Claudio. He greets us and we present ourselves. He turns a little cold as he explains how he has lost hope in religion because every church he´s tried has had people praising and showing off their false “righteousness” in church, but then being a completely different person outside. Therefore, he tries to walk in the light of Christ he has on his own. I didn´t think he was going to let us in but we asked him if we could enter his home and talk with them for a tad and he said yes! I was surprised! Cool! Let´s go for it! It was a great lesson. Claudio said on his own that he felt a good compelling feeling inside of him that brought contentment and peace to his heart. We told him…”that´s the Spirit!” They want to pray, ask the Lord, and study the Book of Mormon to find out more truthfulness. Claudio was apparently baptized in the LDS church when he was going to church with his friends as a kid…but completely forgot about all that. But he was really excited that he re-found this church and the promises it has. To be continued!…


Culture: People drive however they want. I´m very surpised I haven´t seen a crash yet. I´ve seen dogs get hit by cars yes! but not car vs. car.
Another dead cat!
We´ve found a lot of people who used to live in the States…usually Florida, but returned to Argentina when it was hard for them to find work there. All of them have said, “I lived in the States, life is better there, here…it is not the same.” But they have work here. Much is governed by the way a country founds its principles and people! Every person´s home can be their own little stick of promised land as they found their home on gospel principles and strive to live them!

IMG_1620    IMG_1610

Sergio said he would come to church this past Sunday, but didn´t. He’ll get there.

We wake up to ice on the ground now! Luckily we are warm enough!

If Argentina and USA win their individual Eighth Finals for the World cup…they will face off!! Both games happen the 7th of July.

Ah! Have a happy July 4th! What a fantastic holiday! Go throw a frisbee, eat a hamburger, and watch the fireworks for me!

Love you!

Elder Orme



Hello Fam and Friends!

This week we were walking through a grand field on our way back from a lesson. We saw a small fire in the field with the span of about 30 feet or so. And there were 3 six-year olds wacking large sticks to stop the fire and using their jackets as well. Just having fun, batting away at fire! They are the ones that started it. Their mom yelled at them to come in for lunch and they left, starting little fires on the way on some bundles of dry grass. Fires don´t matter to people here! Usually there is just a small fire in the street to burn away things whatever it may be…plants, diapers. A little culture for ya! :)

The 20th of June was “Dia de la Bandera”. Flag Day. This is a community gathering that morning. We also had a ward activity where we ate Locro…a festive soup of corn, beans, pig skin, and meat. YEAHHHHH PIG SKIIIIIIIN!!!!!! It doesn´t have a taste…just blubber.

Me and Hermano Cabanilla stirring the huge pot of Locro! It was huge!

During contacting this week, and lessons in the first visit (meaning: we successfully enter a house and teach them the first time we meet them) many people were explaining to us how they “aren´t religious, but just believe in God and Jesus Christ.” We are trying to explain to people that if you believe in God and Jesus Christ…wouldn´t you follow them? Many people, like much in the world, THINK they believe but don´t truly. Unfortunately, Satan is a powerful being and has much hold on the hearts and minds of people.

But no matter, we are here to teach the ready at heart, and God has promised that there are some, whether it be one or one-hundred.

A soon to be baptized couple in a different area of our district. Way to go Sistas!

We were able to meet with Sergio once in the beginning of this week. He´s someone I really feel is ready and prepared, he just needs to make sure the powers of the world don’t get in the way. We believe he´s afraid to take these actions for himself for fear of what his wife or others may think and say. We expressed to him how we are providing the Best opportunity in the world to him and he needs to show more faith. A couple days after, Elder Fish and I have felt that we need to really find out if he´s prayed to find out the truth of these things…and then build off that. And also today, I felt the Spirit saying that we should express our feelings and bear our testimonies specifically on repentance. I had a moving morning pondering about how repentance has been such a beautiful blessing for me.

Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Have much fun and laughter. Life is meant to be enjoyed!”

Love ya´ll!

Elder Orme

Vamos Argentina

Let´s go Argentina! The colors of blue and white will be flashing all over the place, even in your dreams! once they win the World Cup this year! Woot woot!!!

Vamos (Let´s go) Argentina! We are rooting for Argentina this year…and the States for the World Cup! These are the children of a less-active mother. Sweet pic eh? IMG_1598


me with a catholic church

I hope some of ya are watching the world cup. Spain and Ecuador have lost there first games, wamp. Mexico won one! Argentina won one and will dominate the rest!

I found chips labeled España! Yeah, Derek! They were the flavor of chorizo (sausage) and were pretty good :) bought it mostly because of the bag. España is going doooooown this year :)

Things are NOT crazy here in Empalme during the world cup like big cities usually are. It´s just small and super tranquilo! Other elders tell me in other big city areas, things are CRAZY and even bad, like deaths. But not here! Things are a buzz though because of the world cup. A lot of white and blue everywhere.

There´s only been 1 Argentine game and that was yesterday. We were basically able to move around it…doing contacts right before the game. And then we visited a less-active, Hermana Maguí (her kids are in the pictures with the painted faces, she´s NOT the less-active on the collectivo.) But we will see how the rest of the work goes during this world cup.

Lunch with some members!

A little chubs girl of a member-family. She´s so chubby and fluffly! She bounces around, so CUUTE.

This week started HARD. We weren´t getting into any houses and every plan fell through. It´s easy to question “why?” at these times but only those without faith do that! We didn´t get discouraged, we forgot about ourselves and kept working! Right after a fervent prayer after our weekly planning, investigator Sergio called us to set-up an appointment the next day!! From then on we got into a lot of houses! Taught newbies, investigators, and less-actives. We got a less-active to church this week by picking her up at her house early in the morning! 2 others came on their free will with our help of inviting them! None of our investigators came to church, the problem we figured with them is that they set plans on Sunday without thinking of church. So when it comes by they are like, “well, we´ve got plans.” No! We are now attacking this problem with, “Will you leave this Sunday morning and all the rest FREE for church and will you come with us?” Miracles will happen this week and we WILL have an investigator this coming Sunday.

With the less-active we picked up. It was VERY dramatic unfortunately when we picked her up. We basically dragged her out of the house. She´s dealing with some problems and we keep promising her the church is the BEST thing that is going to help her if she´s just puts forth some action and faith. She came and had a good time! Hopefully it´s easier next week!


Members in the collectivo ride


Big dog!

Love to you all!

-Elder Orme…vamos Argentina


Walking to go pick up a less-active member early in the morning for church. I love yelling…”We´re missionaries!!!!!” when I really feel like we are doing missionary things. :) which is ALL the time!