Time and time again, I come to a realization that Dragonball-Z is not as extinct as I thought it was in the states.  It seems like the fad is just getting started here in Argentina!!!  So many youth and young adults are in love with the show.  We taught some less-actives that have been coming to church now this week, 2 young adult men…and their room is decked with Dragonball posters, the shows on DVD, and video-games.  Funny stuff!

A photo with the cute Ariza kids and their new pups!

This week went well!  Some things were a bummer but there were miracles as well.
Antonella is progressing slower than she could due to the insecurities of her boyfriend Cristian.  He’s causing some problems but we are working through them!  He’s got “controlling” issues.  He doesn’t want Antonella being a power-house member without him basically.
Miracle!!!….Cristina Martinez who would always say she was doing the “gospel things” in order to help her husband Ramón get better, but has now realized that she can’t live without the gospel!! She knows she needs to work out her own salvation too!!!  She said it frankly during gospel principles class.  EXACTLY what Elder Poulton and I wanted her to come to learn.  She and Ramón have been coming to church for 3 consecutive Sundays now.  They invited us over for lunch and told us during it that they as a couple have made the goal to be SEALED IN THE TEMPLE!  Is that a good goal??? one might ask. Uh…the BEST!!!!  We will help them to fulfill that goal!!!  Next lesson we plan to set a baptismal date!
A view of the Rosario-Victoria bridge again. Beautiful.
The other investigators are doing well, just trying to work out relational/marriage deals in order to get baptized.  There’s still more we can do as missionaries to help the people and things we can get better at!
Why not some fun stories eh?:  We had lunch with a very sweet and old member lady.  She’s almost deaf and close to the end, getting loopy.  One that speaks super loud during church because she can’t hear herself talk. :D  She answers a call of a friend during lunch and says to her “I’m eating lunch with two nice-looking boys.  One more nice then the other!  You should invite them over to lunch so you could eat with nice-looking boys too!”  Then she simply bursts out laughing! Elder Poulton and I joked for the rest of the day, giving the other the benefit of the doubt that HE was the “nicer-looking” one that granny referred too.  We washed her dishes and heard her tell stories…a fun visit.
Remember the woman I told about who popped over the wall and said, “That’s my wall don’t touch it!” Our lady neighbor. And we decided to help resolve any unresolved feelings about the situation with brownies and a visit. Yes, that woman!  We made brownies and while doing so, I joked that perhaps she might be diabetic and not be able to accept the brownies anyway and it would all just go wrong.  We spoke with her, and handed her the brownies.  She runs in the house with the brownies, runs back and hands the rest to us saying…”I’m diabetic but I took out four for my two sons.  Here have the rest.”  What!? We were BLOWN away!  But the visit was nice and the neighbor is content.
One cool thing is that Elder Poulton and I have great unity in our teaching.  I think of something that I feel should be said or asked and then he does exactly what I was going to express.  Perfect!  Of course we have moments when we disagree, but we come to a good conclusion because we both have the same goal in mind, and that’s to serve God and the people.
I love you all!  Hope all is well!
Elder Orme

All the Works at the MTC


An Elder in my district dropped his half gallon of milk right after buying it last week and it just so happens that my companion tripped on it, smashed it with his foot, which propelled the dairy contents into the air and onto me, the poor soul standing behind him haha!  I was drenched…it was weird how perfectly it worked haha.  My brown shoes need a reshining :)

I also walked on the ice, over the little river in our classroom complex…and it actually broke through  this time after many other successful attempts!  I was wet from shins down but was heading to a devotional at the time, but I had to go right away so I walked in with squeaky shoes and warm moisture inside.  What’s good!?

Mom asked what my daily schedule is like and this is it: We wake up around 6:20am-ish (can’t sleep after 6:30).  Get to breakfast at the cafeteria at 7:00.  It’s a nice cafeteria, got the works, and has rice milk for me to use for all my cereal desires! At 7:30 we have study time until 10:30am.  We do personal study from the scriptures and also language study and then companionship study to practice what we will teach our practice investigators that day.  We gots GYM from 10:30-11:30!  We go play volleyball and it’s da bomb diggity!  It’s so fun and I’m getting so good.  Then lunch at 12:00. Class at 1:15pm-4:15pm. We have truly AMAZING lessons by our teachers.  We also teach a lesson also during this time, in companionships to our practice investigators, which are our teachers acting as investigators.  A lot of good stuff happens during those lessons.  That’s where we learn a TON on how to teach better and what to improve upon.  I’ve enjoyed some spiritual experiences during these lessons.  There are moments when I feel my soul on fire with the spirit and I teach with power.  I have felt my companion’s power as well.  He brings a lot of good insights to the table and the spirit works through him as well which is awesome!  My teachers are the hip to the hop! They are INCREDIBLE.  We have two.  Hermana Savage (female…hence the “a”) and Hermano Dolbin (male…hence the “o”…teach you all some espanol.)  Hermana Savage is good at teaching the fine details of understanding investigators like why people who are happy are still in need of the Gospel. and Hermano Dolbin is good at teaching us how to find out the needs of an investigator and how they are fulfilled by the Gospel.  Finding out investigator’s needs are the most important part to teaching lessons.

4:30 is dinner.  5:15-8:15 more classtime.  8:15-9:15 study time.  9:15 sing a hymn with the whole branch…really fun. 9:30-10:30 personal time.  10:30 bed.

I am learning to never look at people for their faults.  It’s downright mean and makes you feel awful.  I did that to my companion early on and it was a huge mistake.  My thoughts have to be directed towards his strengths and that is all.  That’s when God blesses our companionship and we work well in lessons together.  I hope I can ditch all dumb habits I have here and acquire the new and good during these last 8 days I have in the MTC.  So as to not waste one moment further here and in Argentina.  I have flight plans for Argentina on Jan. 27!  Going through Atlanta, Georgia (just like Dad always says, “you pass though Atlanta before you reach Heaven or Hell” hahaha something like that.)  Then onward to Buenos Aires, Argentina. 8 days!  Gotta learn so much more before then!

Hey! I love you all!

-Elder Orme

P.S My Spanish is still slowly yet surely coming along.  Still a lot broken but it’s pretty good.  Please continue to pray that I may have the gift of tongues, the discernment of tongues, and the discernment of feelings.  Thank you!  And sorry for no pictures for a while…memory card went berserk.  Got a new one so lots of pics will come.