Melchizedek Priesthood-Back to Feliciano

We went back to Feliciano for a day!!!!
As you can see in photos below, we went to Feliciano, one of my old areas, for a day to do divisions.  An assistant, who had also previously served in Feliciano, and I traveled there together.  We had a wonderful day.  After an infamous asado with Edgardo and Eva, the mission president came over, and we 4 missionaries that were there, participated in Edgardo’s ordination to the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Ed and Eva were baptized 1 year and half ago.  Now in September they will be SEALED in the temple!  The assistant who came with us, Elder Cushman, taught and was there for the baptism of Ed and Eva 1 year and a half ago.  Elder Cushman ends the mission the same time as me.  Edgardo is the dark complexion man in the photos.
IMG_1532 IMG_1533 IMG_1545 IMG_1549
Awesome future missionary who leaves to do visits with us.

Mario and Tamara, investigators, have now come 3 times to church.  It’s slightly complicated with them, Mario has problems leaving the world behind and marrying Tamara. So we are working on him.  Tamara is doing very well spiritual wise.

Love you all!

Elder Orme IV


Cordoba Temple Dedication

The Cordoba Argentina Temple was dedicated yesterday!
It was a special experience.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to see apostles in different settings than just General Conference.  Dieter F. Uchtdorf and D. Todd Christofferson were there.  It was great to do the “Hosanna Exclamation”; it reminded me of the Nauvoo re-dedication, when Reagan and I did the Hosanna Exclamation for the first time.  Right at the beginning of the shout when we started waving the handkerchief Reagan’s handkerchief caught mine and it flew through the air and landed in the bench across the way.  Reagan and I couldn`t stop laughing! Mom snapped at us for being irreverent, but it was difficult for Reagan and I not to throw glances at one another and start laughing again.  Yesterday, nothing like that happened so I was able to keep my cool!   The Hosanna Exclamation was begun at the Kirtland Temple dedication.  In similitude of when all people shouted in one “Hosanna!” when Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem, and when the Nephites shouted “Hosanna!” when the resurrected Jesus visited the land Bountiful.
It was also a powerful moment when singing the hymn “the Spirit of God”.  Yesterday we had 3 dedication sessions, Elder Christofferson stated that Prophet Wilford Woodruff held 32 dedication sessions for the Salt Lake Temple. 32! He wanted as much people as possible to participate.  All in all a great experience yesterday, and a fantastic demonstration of the progression of God’s work in these days.
We had some great lessons this past week.  Mario (21 years old), is progressing FAST.  I feel the Spirit strongly when we are with him.  Speak of the devil!  He just walked in!  Here in the internet ciber place!  He is awesome!  We have another appointment tomorrow with him! Sweet.
Thanks to all for your prayers!  Invite anyone and everyone to learn more about the restored gospel. Even if they say no, you did your part.
-Elder Orme
We went to the Rosario Monument again :) [No pictures attached]


Hola wonderful family and friends!

Today for P-Day we received permission to go to the Rosario Monument!  An adventure! I felt like I was in Washington, DC again!

IMG_1887     IMG_1862 IMG_1869 IMG_1880
We had a cool experience with our investigator Cristina Martinez and her husband Ramón this week.  Remember how I said that they made the goal to be sealed in the temple?  Well this week, of course she is completely willing to be baptized. In our lesson, we asked her how she thinks about all this.  She related to us this short story: The night before she took a shower…while bathing she was pondering about everything, and because she had a solitary, quiet moment, she felt a strong need to pray.  She did so.  In her prayer, she asked forgiveness of her sins.  One in particular which was her thinking she didn’t need the gospel, and only her less-active (now re-activated) husband needed it.  She asked forgiveness for being, “egotistical” in her words, for this type of thinking.  After she expressed these things to God, she felt a rush of relief come over her and a strong and very warm feeling enter her chest and fill her whole being.  She knew that it was her Heavenly Father answering her prayer and accepting her humble plea for forgiveness.  What an experience huh!?  We spoke with her how even Jesus Christ, he being perfect, was baptized by immersion; which is a sign to us, being sinners, of how much WE need baptism (2 Nephi 31-Book of Mormon). She totally understood this truth, and easily accepted the baptismal commitment and a date for October 11th.  Ramón finally came home from work right after we set the committment.  He was a little frazzled from the long day of work and spilled out some stories of the day.  Once he was calm, we expressed to him that we had a great talk with his wife, and that she has accepted baptism for October 11th. At this moment he was silent, removed his glasses, and began to cry.  He expressed how it’s been a long journey for him.  Going years alone in the church, then falling away because of lack of support and strength, falling into drinking and smoking, and now his wife, after years of missionaries and members, has finally chosen to accept the Gospel for herself as well.  All he could say really was, “Gracias Mamá”, looking into his wife’s eyes across the table.  He said something about his patriarchal blessing being fulfilled too.  Each of them both have expressed that their relationship has been incredibly better!  They both look so much more bright and happy and peaceful!  When we ask “How are you Cristina?” “De diez!” (of 10!…meaning, really really good! haha)  Whereas before it was “acá andamos” (meaning: “here we are going.”)
Wonderful progression for the Martinez family!  Let’s make it to baptism, the temple, and forever onward!
Antonella is doing well.  She told us how she wants to be baptized but is thinking of doing it after she gets married to Cristian.  Her parents are of other religions and wants to be “independent” or “out of the house” rather when she is baptized.  She’s 21, but resides in her parents home for now.  That would take a lot of time!  We want her to enjoy the blessings of living the Gospel now, but we’ll see.
Fernanda and husband put off the wedding for November!  They’ve procrastinated their plans.  But they are still, going.
José has been doing little jobs but still needs a real job.
So some good news, some not so good news.  We need to find new people to keep things going strong.
I know the Gospel is what saves our lives today and what will save the world in the end, and the true church of Jesus Christ is found within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And that Baptism within the true church of God is necessary for salvation.
Love you all!!!! It’s springtime here now!  Awesome weather! Enjoy every moment, show love, visit people!
Elder Orme, El Capitán EO.