Mission Update

Hello Fam and Friends!  Here’s my weekly update:
Elder Arnold was a good companion.  He had a sincere desire to help people.  My companion now is Elder Ortiz, from San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.  San Rafael is famous for it’s wine. ;)  My companion is super talkative and I like it!  It makes for easy comunication in everything.  That’s what I love best about a companionship is when we communicate easily in everything.  i’m learning a ton from him!   He works so smoothly with the people, beacause he grew up among them and he knows their ways!  Very intelligent, a really good chef.  He has been making awesome smoothies since day 1.  We have found good investigators.  It has been and will continue to be an adventure this transfer!
Today for P-Day we played soccer and ping pong with the youth.  we ate tacos for lunch, my second time eating tacos in the mission!  A yankee Elder had some taco seasoning from the states so we whipped tacos up.  You can’t find tortillas here so we use the empanada wrappings.
It’s fun being a zone leader. I still love going to the “leader councils” to learn what we need to express to our zones.  I love our mission president, Presidente Perez.  He is simple, but true, concise, and clear.  In this last council, all of the leaders going home next transfer bore their testimonies.  I bore mine!  And it was great.  I expressed things that I will express in my homecoming talk and for the rest of my life!
Love you all!  The work is right and true!
Elder Orme

Molitas (Armadillos)

Here we are with some awesome sister missionaries that served alongside us in the same branch.  But they are heading off to a different place and 2 elders will take their place.  We will miss them!

Here’s a pic of us with Tamara an investigator and her son Gerónimo.  We are still praying hard that her boyfriend will have a change of heart and marry her so that they both, with their son can grow in the gospel.
Here’s the best family in the branch!  The Lopez family.  Brother Lopez is  a counselor to the President of the Mission, President Perez.  We are very lucky to serve with them.  Their lunches for us are stupendous!

Here are some pics of me and Elder Arnold with Armadillos!  “Molitas” they call them here.  A member family bought them to raise and once they are fat and juicy to be eaten!

IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1625


Here I am with some young men of the branch.


Here I am with my new companion!  MY FIRST LATINO!!!!!! My last companion :(     He’s Argentine!!!!!  From San Rafael, Mendoza.  26 years old.  I’m SUPER excited to have him.  I finally can really refine the language and tune my ears. He talks FAST.  All the better.  We work great together.  It will be a superb transfer!  (I can’t believe it’s the last.)

Sha ka la ka

Don´t let the subject titles distract you!

We had a great week! We were able to achieve our goal of 140 contacts…and we got 141!! Whoo hooo! Go-getters ra here!

I´ve had one of those faith-building, spiritual-moving moments this week! While my companion and I were contacting people in the street, we began walking along side a man with his 3 yr old daughter. His name is Sergio and I´d say he´s 27. He was happy to hear us present who we were and what we share. He said he´s been lacking faith and hope in his life, and feels like he needs to regain it through Jesus Christ! Talk about PREPARED. And he SO is!

Elder Fish goin campin!

Sometimes we go look at ties and dream of buying them…every week.

We were able to meet with him this week and the lesson was awesome. He has a young wife whom he says has different, “young”, ideas compared to him. She wasn´t there and neither were his 2 children, a 3 yr old girl and a 3 month-old boy whom he loves immensely. He´s a fine normal man, with a young family, has a job and clean, humble home. He´s SOLID. He´s very kind, humble, smiles, and his family is of the utmost importance to him. He expressed how he´s discouraged by some controversy between his wife and himself. He doesn´t want this to hurt the family.

Asado meat!

Rarely…weekly…we make this, what we call “Beef Strogies!”. Creamy pasta, with meat flavoring, grounded beef and it´s….oh so good.

So we explained to him exactly how the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in its plenitude will directly bless and help him guide his family with success during this life and forever!! It was spiritual and he was very open! We taught him well, according to his needs. We could tell he felt the spirit as well.

I tried to make a pizza with eggs on top because that´s what they do here but the eggs didn´t cook so I flipped it over and cooked it that way…wasn´t the best!

Elder Bennett and I! He´s a stud.

I had the opportunity to invite him to baptism!!!! And he humbly, and with full of the Spirit said yes!!!! It was perfect for him. Then my companion was able to set a date. Then he said the closing prayer!!!! And it was amazing and beautiful to hear this man, with all the experiences and righteous desires in his life, speaking to his Father in Heaven! I was very touched, And he had watery eyes, and said he felt GREAT.

Some fun pics of us, stud Elders.
IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1374

I am so excited for this man! I felt the impression to warn him that just as Jesus Christ is very real, so is Satan, and doesn´t want him to continue on this path and will try to stop him. I told him to be strong and that we are here to help him every step of the way. We pray that the wife will be receptive to our message as well!

We also have some other pretty good new investigators and less-actives, and they are men too! Most with families. It is such a pleasure to be working more with men because in the past it´s mostly been women. (and it´s hard to teach women because we always need another man with us in order to teach in the home.) And these men are humble, receptive, and studs! Exactly what God needs in His kingdom here in Empalme!

I´m looking forward to more miracles!! I´m better at letting the Holy Spirit be my guide. I know God is blessing us due to our work and obedience. SO blessed to have a hard-working/obedient companion.

Onward and upward for more success coming up! Love you all! Once again, such a pleasure to see all your faces/voices last week. Hermana Roccolano whom you met last week says hola! Good luck with everything! You´ll receive that “good luck” by looking to God and sharing him and your blessings of the Gospel with others!

Elder Orme (Captain EO)

PS Did i mention before!, especially to mom that I´ve been flossing every week since the MTC! Whoo!
PSS I bought healthy veggies and fruits this week to eat and will continue to do so! Feeling good.